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Air and moisture permeability properties sophisticatedly controlled
Produced using our original method, this film has air and moisture permeability functions under sophisticated control to add stable exothermic characteristic to portable hand warmers.
Highly matched with automatic filling packaging
With the combination of low-temperature sealing properties of the KOHJIN TSF-EU base material and heatproof properties of the nylon unwoven fabric attached, this film exhibits high suitability automatic filling packaging as it withstands high speed processing.
A fine texture for a good fit with clothing
With the softness of the base material and the bulky nylon unwoven fabric, this film is such a good fit with clothing that it minimizes discomfort when worn.
Safe in waste disposal
This film complies with the JIS S 4100 standard for hazardous substances and can be safely discarded as industrial waste.

Examples of Applications

Packing material for disposable adhesive hand warmers (regular size, small size, etc.), for medical heating devices and for other products requiring air and moisture permeability


  • Product width: 200 mm to 900 mm
  • Roll length: 500 m

Heat Seal Strength, Air and Moisture Permeability, Production Methods and Pore Creation Principle

Heat seal strength of the KOHJIN TSF

Air and moisture permeability of the KOHJIN TSF

Production Methods for the KOHJIN TSF

Pore creation principle for the KOHJIN TSF

Structure of the KOHJIN TSF


Item Unit KOHJIN TSF-EDFH Measuring Method
Structure - EU + Nylon unwoven fabric -
Thickness µm 235  
Basis weight g/m2 88 JIS Z 1521
Moisture permeability g/m2·24hr 540 JIS Z 0208
Air permeability sec/100cc 16,000 JIS P 8117
Water pressure resistance cm·Aq 200< JIS L 1092 Method A
Tensile strength MD/TD kg per width of 15 mm 50/70 ASTM D 882
Tensile elongation MD/TD % 6.4/1.6 ASTM D 882
Tear strength MD/TD g per width of 15 mm 800/ - Low load tearing tester
Lamination strength MD/TD g per width of 15 mm 220/250 Peel speed
Heat shrinkage rate MD/TD % 15/3 Glycerin bath at 100°C for 10 seconds

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