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KOHJIN embarked on its plastic films business in 1964 as it developed the KOHJIN KORAPTM as a pioneering exterior shrink film. Since then, we have been offering a broad array of plastic films to many different fields using our unique manufacturing techniques. We will continue to make changes and attempt to consistently create high functional films through our activities with a focus on our commitment to customers.

Films for Converting

Created with our original biaxialoriented film production technologies, our nylon films have a high level of transparency, strength, printability, and workability to help improvement on our product image. We also offer a range of films with high gas barrier performance that help to maintain the freshness of the content.
We also propose films that contain no chlorine compounds as environmental-friendly products.

Shrink Film

Our shrink films are balance-type overwrap shrink films made principally from polyolefin resins using the KOHJIN Tubular method that we have developed. Boasting superior material characteristics and shrinking properties for a high-quality finish, they improve the effect of product displays. They are ideally suited to a wide variety of applications including food, pharmaceuticals, and miscellaneous daily goods. We also offer wrap shrink films for tray packing. They are developed for packed lunches, ready-made-food, and other perishable food products. With superior film production technology, excelling in transparency and gloss, they are an environmental-friendly alternative to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) wraps.

Functional Film

We seek continued functional enhancement for plastic films on the basis of our original technologies and expertise in film production. We provide different industrial sectors with products developed using cutting-edge technologies, including microporous moisture-permeable waterproof films that achieve both waterproof and ventilation properties.

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