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Equal heat shrinkage in all directions
Due to little heat shrinkage anisotropy in trance verse(TD) directions, there is no risk of S-shaped curling after making bags or multi-sheet feeding in automatic feeding.
Resistant to breakage of bags and pinholes
The outstanding excellence in impact strength and in wear resistance is effective for reducing breakage of bags and pinholes.
Reassurance backed by a wide service temperature range
The film may be used at a temperature from -60°C to 120°C. It withstands pressure thermal sterilization at 120°C. It maintains impact strength and resistance to pinholes under freezing conditions at -60°C.
Preventing oxidization of food
The film has a high level of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gas barrier properties. Particularly low in oxygen permeability, it prevents food deterioration due to oxidization.

Examples of Applications

Retort food package, wide-label sealing, multicolor printing, rice bags


Type Thickness(µm) Corona treatment Characteristics
RX 15
inside coronae Excellent heat shrinkage equality at any direction
Retort food package and prevention of deformation of bags
W 15
both side corona Improvement of laminate and heat-seal strength in wet condition
Control of slipping properties
AS 15
inside coronae Static electricity prevention
Prevention of failure in automatic bag feeding
ASW 15 both side corona Static electricity prevention
Control of slipping properties


Thickness 15 25 15
Tensile strength(MPa) MD 250
TD 290
Tensile elongation(%) MD 120
TD 110
Tensile elasticity modulus(GPa) MD 2.5
TD 2.1
Impact strength (J per sheet) 1.4 2.5 1.6
Coefficient of friction
Untreated surface Static 0.31 0.24 0.30
Dynamic 0.34 0.27 0.33
Treated surface Static 0.68 0.64 0.88
Dynamic 0.87 0.72 0.94
Haze(%) 1.8 2.0 1.6
Surface electrical resistance value(Ω) 7.9×1012 1.3×1012
Friction-charged voltage(V) 40%RH 3,000 7,000
Half-life(sec) 12 47
Peeling-charged voltage(kV) 7.5~8.0 16.0~16.5

Note: The data presented herein are typical values.

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