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BOBLET(Biaxially Oriented PBT film)™


We are the first manufacturer to introduce Biaxially Oriented PBT film applied by our original Tubular simultaneous biaxially oriented method.
Strong in pinholes(especially Flexing and Abrasion).
Processability and acid resistance are a same level as OPET.
Excellent in the isotropic property, which is feature of our Tubular manufacturing method.
(No quality differences depending on motherroll positioning)
No size change by absoring moisuture.
Possible on decreasing one layer of packaging composition by using BOBLET.
It will be able to reduce on plastic weight volume and contribute a reduction of CO2.
Excellent formability due to our original Tubular method.Suitable for cold forming on LIB or forming tray, emboss processing, inmold processing, processing or protecting film.
Expected in indutrial fields.


Retort Food, Heavy packaging for commercial uses, Frozen food, Lids, Packaging for General Purpose, Industrial purposes.


Type Thickness(µm) Corona Treatment Features
ST 15
Inside Treatment Srong in pinhole
Balanced shrinkage in all direction
Protecting curving surface on appearance
STW 15 Both side Treatment Use middle layer


Length(m) 2,000、4,000
Width(mm) 500~1,100(20mm pitch)

Paper core: inner diameter 76mm(3-inch)

Note:Please ask our sales staff regarding non-standard size.

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