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1937 March Nisso Jinken Pulp Co., Ltd. (Capital: 18,000,000 yen) established
November Yatsushiro Factory started commercial production
(rayon staple).
1941 September Renamed Koukoku Jinken Pulp Co., Ltd.
1946 July Osaka Branch opened.
1951 October Nagoya Office opened.
1962 April Cellophane production started at Yatsushiro Factory.
1964 February Fukuoka Office opened.
May Production of [KOJIN-KORAP] (polypropylene) film started.
1969 January Renamed Kohjin Co., Ltd.
1970 June Production of [BONYL] (nylon film) started.
1980 November [KOJIN-KORAP U] (shrinkable packing film) for mediam and heavy-duty materials started at Yatsushiro Factory.
1984 May Production of [KOHJIN HST] (excellent anti-static film) started
at Yatsushiro Factory.
1989 December Joint capital and business venture with Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Mitsubishi Paper Mills, Ltd., and Kohjin joined the Mitsubishi Group.
1990 December Production of [KOHJIN-KORAP A] (special polyolefin film) started at Yatsushiro Factory.
2000 March Production of [KOHJIN-KORAP SG21] (cross-linked polyolefin
film) started at Yatsushiro Plant.
2003 May Sale of [KOHJIN KOHBARRIER] (hybrid high gas-barrier film) launched.
2005 April Operation of polyolefin film plant started at Yatsushiro Factory.
2006 October Mitsubishi Corporation became a parent company.
2010 September Kohjin became a wholly owned subsidiary company of Mitsubishi Corporation.
2012 November Decision taken to reorganize KOHJIN Co., a holding company;as a part of this reorganization, KOHJIN Film & Chemicals Co.,Ltd.was established.

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