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Our Products at a Glance

Film for converting

  Product Name Applications
Biaxially oriented nylon film BONYL™ General purpose and rice bags
Biaxially oriented nylon film BONYL™-Q Packages for pickles and wet konjac
Biaxially oriented nylon film BONYL™-S Material for lids for meat, pudding, and jelly
PVDC coated biaxially oriented nylon film BONYL™-K Packages for raw cut rice cake and pickles
Co-extruded multilayer biaxially oriented gas-barrier nylon film BONYL™-SPY Packages for Japanese style confectioneries and cheese
Non-chlorinated high gas-barrier coated film KOHJIN KOHBARRIER™ Packages for pet food and delicacies


  Product Name Applications
Polypropylene shrink film KOHJIN KORAP™ Packages for cup ramen and lactic acid bacteria beverages in bulk
Multilayer polyolefin shrink film KOHJIN KORAP™-SW101 Packages for decorative boxes and cans in bulk
Special polyolefin cross-linking shrink wrap film KOHJIN KORAP™-CS Packages for packed lunch and prepared food

Functional film

  Product Name Applications
Moisture-permeable waterproof film KOHJIN TSF Container for disposable adhesive hand-warmers

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